The Pillow and the Snake


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Michael & Logan return for one final time to recap the reunion episode of De Mol (Belgie) Season 7. In this episode:

    Where in the world is Logan Saunders? What is the state of Reality TV currently? Logan has a money-saving tip. Did Michael ever suspect Elisabet? Have we had an impact? Did anyone else get thank you notes? Who owns the motorhome? Would anyone ever say they didn’t want to be the Mole? Why is Michael basically Martijn? How close is this cast? How tired were we following the finale? Who was missing from the after-party? How big is Canada compared to Belgium? Why did one of the Mole tests hit close to home for us? How did anyone ever suspect Ingrid? Why did Eva & Kaat get ruled out? Was anyone other than Elisabet ever going to get chosen? What was the most egrigious thing about the entire reunion? We exclusively reveal some more elements of the beach briefing. Did Elisabet make a mistake at the boat challenge? How did Elisabet play into the theme of the season? Will anyone ever get a perfect 30? Would Joeri have beaten Bas in the Final 4 quiz? Michael got bamboozled! Is Axel life goals? Why did we hear from Bas' Personal Trainer? One clue annoys us. Why did Axel smash a glass? Logan tries to turn the show into Price is Right. What made this season so great for us? Is De Mol responsible for our lack of enthusiasm for Amazing Race? Why were there ten episodes this year? And Logan forgets to mention something.

Thank you so much for listening all season and to both our Mole recap seasons! Thanks especially to Marieke & Natalia who subtitle the seasons for us and everyone at SBS who invited us to the finale this year. We'll be back Mole-wise in January for Wie is de Mol Season 20 before we return for De Mol 8! See you soon.

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