Reclaim your power: inspiration and reflections for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond explicit


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Giving birth is one of the most sacred experiences a woman can have and yet this time is often filled with anxiety and fear. Fear of the unknown and the known. How can we as women transform this experience and take back the arena of pregnancy and childbirth that has become constricted and heavily medicalized in many places? This podcast is a series of my reflections and insights about pregnancy, birth, and beyond, as well as other things pertaining to being a woman. It is based on my experiences, the experiences of women I have supported as a doula, and books written by midwives, doulas, and doctors who believe in a woman's right to birth her way. My aim is to inspire and challenge the way we are being socialized to give birth and to remind us that the power lies within us. To challenge us as women to take back our power by informing and educating ourselves so we understand the processes of pregnancy and childbirth. To awaken us to the possibility of having an empowered birth experience. To remind us that our bodies are ours and should be treated with reverence and respect. Podcast artwork: Photo by Kumaran Pondicherry Photography; Styling by Become

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