Episode 44 - Impending Doom


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Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits - Instagram, and Ravelry . EmKnits on Twitter and EmGem on Pinterest

Shout outs

Kelly from Two Ewes Fibre Adventures! 1hundredprojets on Ravelry.

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What's knitting now

Emily - .Advent calendar stockings (4 left)


A joyful thread by silvia mcfadden in sweet fiber merino lace rose gold

Bradway by Very Shannon in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Plume, Stormcloud and Yellow

Karla- Two custom socks for Grandma, Sunny Side [up!] by Isabell Kraemer

FO’s -

Emily - Vanilla socks for dan ChaiGoo SS DPNS 2.75 out of the same yellow yarn.

Bridie for Bug in Sweet Fiber Canadian

Moose 4 blanket - Fly away by TinCanKnits using Cascade 220 in some Hudson’s Bay colours

Karla - Nada


Q2 Prizes!

And the winners are;

Irylknits - Yarn Friendly Bag and swag

Crochetgeekgirl - Polkadot bag and sock ruler

RosieL - Silver buttons from Kristian McIntyre

Colletteknits - riv creative stitch markers and lucy neatby book


The KAL will begin January 1st 2017 and run until December 31st 2017. We will have quarterly entry threads in the ravelry group for your FOs and prizes to give away (more on those in a bit)! There is also a year long thread to keep track of all your gifts knits and there will be prizes for most gifts knit in 2017!

It’s not too late if you would like to sponsor a prize! Just drop us a line and we’d be happy to have you on board. All sponsors will be mentioned in each episode of 2017!

What’s coming in Q3...

Christmas in July! Knit Christmas gifts in the third quarter and receive an extra entry!

Entry #1 - It’s a gift

Entry#2 - it’s old stash (2016 or older)

Entry #3 - it’s a gift for Christmas 2017!

Design features

Emily- a bit of a flair to the edging on Bug’s Bridie but i’m not concerned.

Karla - Sunnyside Up shortrow blunder


Emily -. Haven’t been spinning.

Karla - Tour de fleece - Muse Fibreworks Pinot Grigio 2x 100% polwarth gradient dyed combed top into a two ply

Knifolk Yarn and Fibre 85% 15% merino/nylon into chain plied sock yarn


Caitlyn Ffrench

Knox Mountain Knit Co

Chantal of Mudpunch

Jess of Haven Fiber Arts

Vanessa of Atelier 425

Jocelyn who is @jocelyn_shuman

Sylvia of Softsweater Knits

Jenni from the Lone Larch Podcast has offered money for shipping prizes!

Best laid plans

Emily -Advent, Bradway, the a Joyful Thread. Want to cast on Messaline by Bristol Ivy once my WIPS are cleared.

Karla - Holiday by Eri in Manos Milo, Thistle by Julie Partie for Locke out of handspun, Knit City Shawl and Swants (Swants-along?)

Stash Enhancement

Emily- The Ashford Book - weaving tea towels

Karla - Nada


Denise of Sock Ruler

Brenda of Two Sticks and Ewe

Sara of Riv Creative

Sally of Yarn Friendly

Kristan McIntyre

Joanne who is @porthardy1 on instagram

Talky Talk

Emily - Impending doom, I mean, baby is about to arrive. Mention on Knitmore Girls *Swoon*

Karla - IPE submissions, macrame class, light sensitive ink


Emily -just all of the baking and food prep

Karla - nada but am thinking about a socks in stereo bag

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- no more naps, struggling with sleep and violence

Karla- Walker baby, clapping hands, potty training

Inquiring minds

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