A Restoration Story After Emotional Affairs and Same Sex Attraction with Joshua and Jaelyn Harrel


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Our favorite quotes from this episode:
”Restoration can’t grow in the soil of deception.”
“I needed a safe place in the church to talk about my sexuality.”
“You can’t get right with each other until you both get right with God.”
Today Josh and Jaelyn share their incredible story of restoration. Josh describes what it was like to struggle with his sexuality at a young age while having know where safe to process his feelings and questions. He married Jaelyn while still struggling with same-sex attraction and pornography, which later led to emotional affairs. Jaelyn shares how she also carried sexual brokenness and previous trauma into the relationship, which enhanced the pain they needed to work through. When we asked what started their journey to restoration, they shared how Christ was at the center of it all, leading them to their own freedoms and reconnecting them through the pain and uphill journey. Check them out below! They are now using their powerful testimony to help other young couples find healing and restoration through their own ministry: Restoredliving.
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