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The Literature of Crisis
A podcast about Superman comics published between 1986 and 2006.
Vinyl Crisis
Vinyl Crisis is the only place where you can hear interviews with the legends of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin and African music.
Cape Crisis
Cape Crisis is about comics. Love for comic books, nostalgia for our heroes, anger at crappy comic movies, and everything in between. We fashioned our undying love for sequential art into a white hot star of a podcast! Listen as we explore the latest news and most important topics in the world of comics, heroic and beyond.
World Crisis Radio
World Crisis Radio with host Webster Tarpley
Mid-faith Crisis
A podcast for every Christian who has ever asked ‘Is that it?’
Way more than just frocks…WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press is the fashion podcast you’ve been waiting for. Join Clare and her guests as they decode the fashion system, and dig deep into its effects on people and planet. This show unzips the real issues that face the industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity.
Refugee Crisis
Podcast about refugee crisis in Europe, Radio speaker interviews 2 people from Germany.
Democracy in Crisis
Democracy in Crisis is a weekly podcast on national news hosted by Baynard Woods and Marc Steiner, and produced by Mark Gunnery for the Center for Emerging Media. It is the audio component of a larger project that includes a weekly syndicated column, which appears in a number of alternative weekly newspapers and websites around the country, and a blog you can find at We are proud to appear in the Baltimore City Paper, Washington City Paper, Charleston City Paper, Pitts ...
My Career Crisis
Work/life dramas and how to solve them. My Career Crisis is an interview and Q and A show about the dramas of the workplace which we have to tackle throughout our lives, and often take far too personally! In each episode presenter Ruth Barnes and career guidance expert Sue Ahern invite a guest into the studio to tell the personal story of their career crisis and receive advice from Sue. One major topic is covered in each episode, like 'Post Redundancy Crossroads' 'My Boss is Creeping Me Out' ...
This show is about what it was like to hike the AT in 2014 as a fat 61-year-old with zero hiking experience. Guests join me to share their stories and insights all the way from Georgia to Maine. At the end of each episode is a chapter from my book My Appalachian Trial I: Three Weddings and a Sabbatical.
Kid/Life Crisis
New York City comedians Katie Compa and Raquel D’Apice present Kid/Life Crisis, a bi-weekly podcast about an exhilarating, panic-inducing topic in many women's lives: deciding whether to become a parent— or to stay child-free. Katie and Raquel sit down with comedians, writers, executives and more to talk about their experiences, and crack a few (possibly inappropriate) jokes along the way. New episodes go live every other Wednesday. Music by
What is globalisation? What are the key factors of the current financial crisis? What are key institutions like the World Bank, the G8, the G20 and the IMF? In this series, Global Economic Governance Program Director Ngaire Woods and doctoral student Jeni Whalen and research assistant Christina Ward discuss these questions and try to understand the current financial crisis and globalisation
Why is it so expensive to live in California? And what can the state do about it? Every other week, Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon and CALmatters' data reporter Matt Levin chat about the latest developments in California housing policy and interview a key housing newsmaker. Listen to this podcast and we promise your rent will drop in half instantly. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher.
Mid-faith Crisis
A podcast for every Christian who has ever asked ‘Is that it?’
Did you know that the Syria Civil War has caused the largest refugee crisis since World War II? We have authentic conversations with men and women living in Jordan working on the Syria Response with refugees and locals for big and small development, aid, relief, and/or funding agencies. Our goal is to help people living the West understand more about the NGO world, the crisis, programs, funding, and life in the Middle East.
This is the My Midlife Crisis Podcast by Matt Bock.
The intersection of Motherhood and Womanhood is hard to navigate, let's figure it out together.
Comic Geek Speak Presents: The Crisis Tapes. Peter Rios and Adam Murdough know more about Crisis on Infinite Earths than pretty any other two people on Earth. Not only that, but they really love it! In this podcast series they will be looking at every little detail of the series and what it means to the DC Universe.
Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform - Video
Two girls share their trials and tribulations of finding love. Each episode will be paired with a song or a musical artist that ties in with the theme. Lots of laughing, sarcasm, cussing and silliness.
Podcast by Existential Crisis
Podcast by British Red Cross
A 13 pamphlet series by 18th century Enlightenment philosopher/author Thomas Paine, published between 1776 to 1783 during and immediately following the American Revolution, gathered into one volume in 1882 by Moncure D. Conway. Each essay, plus 2 inserts, bolstered the morale of the American colonists to fight hard for their independence, appealed to the English to support the colonist's cause, clarified the issues at stake, and denounced any type of negotiated peace. Replete with quotable q ...
Comic Geeks Since 1975. Drunken Comic Geeks Since 1993. Get Off Our Lawn.
Third-Life Crisis
Not quite a Mid-life crisis just yet, but close. Hello All! Welcome to our Third-Life Crisis podcast. Come listen to three long time friends discuss topics that range from pop culture, to tech, to sports, to lifestyles, and everything in between. Join us on our journey as we approach 30 years of age and navigate our own Third-Life Crisis. From big milestones to the mundane events of adulthood, we hope to discuss our perspectives of life and provide some entertainment along the way.Make sure ...
School tragedies impact different groups within the education community in very diverse and nuanced ways. Parents and teachers struggle with reassuring children that they are safe. School principals and directors wrestle with assuring parents and teachers that their schools are safe. School administrators struggle with responding to media queries, while reviewing school safety protocols and school nurses must double check to make sure they are prepared as well. On this channel we are pulling ...
Geek Life Crisis
Welcome to Geek Life Crisis. Who are Steve and Chuck? We have time-traveled to present-day fro the 20th Century (via aging) and now do a comedy podcast. We reminisce about college days while commenting on current geek culture. You'll visit for the geek info, and then we'll yell at you to get off our VR lawns. We are Gen X... in a Millennial World. (Sung to the tune of Madonna's "Material World".)
Facebook: @25lcpodcast
Several Nerds, Hoody, Kevin, Javi, Alex and some of their friends unite to keep nerds in the know and celebrate everything that is nerd kind! Heard big news about video games, comics, television shows, or movies? We got you covered! Hear their take on all the nerdy news you need to know, it's time for Crisis on Infinite Podcasts!
The PreapredEx Crisis Management Podcast your complete source for crisis management, emergency management, business continuity and security preparedness interviews, news, and much more.
Global Crisis Watch
Global Crisis Watch (GCW) is a weekly 30-minute groundbreaking and eclectic counterterrorism and national security podcast that takes listeners to the front lines of the long war and into the back rooms of the intelligence community. Hosted by Nick Grace and Sasha Eckstein in Washington, DC, GCW features discussions with newsmakers, analysts, journalists and activists across the world - from Aceh to Mogadishu.
When crisis occurs there is an emotional and physical impact to ones wellbeing. As a crisis first responder I have seen firsthand the impact of not dealing with crisis and trauma can have on a person’s sense of self, purpose and belief in happiness and hope. The Journey- Stories of Crisis and Hope will provide education and real life experiences dealing with various issues including mental health, rape, domestic violence, suicide. We will talk about the signs and symptoms of these types of c ...
Ever had an Oh Crap moment? Learn business secrets of crisis management and prevention from Meredith and Frank - crisis management experts with over 40 years combined experience. Join us as we explore, dissect, and get to the root cause of current scandals in the news. Whether it's your CEO sleeping with his secretary, the manager embezzling funds, or a total product meltdown - we'll tell you how to keep your business running and come out on top. Visit for more free cri ...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Crisis Intervention Team Minute brings you education, conversations and perspectives on behavioral health and public safety from the CIT Inc. It also features recording from the CIT ECHO connecting public safety (law enforcement) with providers. Listen in for a look into programs, training, awareness, and initiatives in behavioral health. This is part of your Crisis Intervention Team Inc. (, a 501(C)3 non-profit. Subscribe for ongoing lessons and discussion to keep you and ...
Nerdlife Crisis
Steve Hale, Chris Thayer, and Ron Milts talk about what is to be a Nerd at 40. From 'Pop to Poop' these 3 guys talk about Movies, Music, and fatherhood.
The Constitution, politics, and current events. Marcus Jay breaks down it all down using the Constitution as his guide. A little history, a little politics, and a healthy dose of foreign policy.
Kids in Crisis Radio Show is a weekly podcast where award-winning journalist, Beth Greer, (aka Super Natural Mom®) interviews internationally-recognized health care providers, leaders and innovators about effective, alternative, holistic treatments for children with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Addiction and other behavioral problems. This show was created for YOU, the parent, loved one or professional who wants expert information and practical advice and tools about emerging, non-toxic approaches ...
Crisis Response
"Crisis Response" focuses on the humanitarian efforts made by the United States military. When a disaster strikes the United States military is in many cases the first to respond. We will update this channel with news and footage concerning these relief efforts.
Identity Crisis
Cori and April have been BFFs since the tender age of eight, but haven’t figured out life as twenty-somethings in Alabama. Maybe it’s the crappy education? Maybe it’s the heat? Maybe it’s that no one has anything figured out and we’re all just hurling through space and time pointlessly awaiting the world’s inevitable demise? The point is that they are not sure who they are, and you get to hear about it. Put them in your ear holes, and maybe help out? Like, we’re open to suggestions.
She’s a successful entrepreneur by day, but by night her dating life is stranger than fiction. True life tales from comedian and storyteller Laura K.
Millennial Crisis
Podcast by Millennial Crisis
Identity Crisis
Identity Crisis is a show discussing extended metaphors between two cultural icons, and is hosted by Jimmy Jimes and Will Mattson.
2 great guys. 1 big cranium. "Objectively funny" - Mike Tandy
Dollar Collapse
Your ringside seat to the coming global financial collapse
Mag Life Crisis
Mag Jackson talks all things comedy, entertainment & of course why he's having a Mag Life Crisis!
Chris is a millennial in crisis trying to find his way to a more happy and fulfilled life. Here to talk about the real stuff, not the latest wellness or gurus. Follow along on his and other millennial's journeys to build a better life.
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Matt Tinney gives an update on what is happed with CIT. Thank you all who emailed about the website issue. He breaks down some of the new features like the training section of the site, CIT ECHO didactics page, and more. Also a brief on upcoming outreach and free equipment for officers! Music used in this episode is the song Favorite Secrets by ...…
Its a #crisiscrew of two today! Join Javi and Kevin as they discuss all the nerdy news you need to know including a mortal kombat reboot. We ask the question of what fictional character would you want to visit you if you were sick. And we also give some early Comic-Con predictions/wishes before it kicks off next Thursday.…
Can fast fashion ever be sustainable? Will circularity funadamentally change things? Or is it, practically speaking, too far off? How about supply chain transparency, collaboration and pumping resources into textile innovation? Is all this eclipsed by the shadow of overproduction? Swedish giant H&M is the second biggest clothing company in the ...…
Anna Jones wrote to me a few months back to thank me for the various shows and our guests. Anna and Branden were planning a flip-flop, starting in May, so I asked her if they would like to be interviewed for the show once they had 500 miles under their feet. They are now in Vermont, getting ready for the AT's biggest and, in my opinion, best ch ...…
Mike and Jeff begin their look at the Super books with an August 1995 cover date. Books include ACTION COMICS #712 and SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #47!By (Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor).
This week we talk about DIY Pull yourself together and cover yourself in your own fantastic achievementsThe Mid 20s Crisis is a side gig project that earns no money and produces brilliant podcasts.
Nils Rosenbaum, MD and Matt Tinney start off answering a listener question related to “What comes first the diagnosis of schizophrenia or substance use?” which leads to a great discussion on research and substance use that is linked to developing schizophrenia. This discussion ends at 35:35 and then a lecture from the CIT ECHO begins. If you wo ...…
In which our heroes sit on a bench in the North Devon countryside, and ramble on about how the knowledge that God loves us can transform our lives. Featuring sheep, house martins, and a van passing by.
In which our heroes sit on a bench in the North Devon countryside, and ramble on about how the knowledge that God loves us can transform our lives. Featuring sheep, house martins, and a van passing by.
Happy 4th #crisiscrew!!!! Today we get into a number of things including details of our upcoming give away! We also discuss the very confusing MCU timeline and in our latest nerd it out Javi and Alex go head to head about the WORST Disney princesses.
Mike Piatt is a LASH, which is an acronym that Mike will explain in the show. He is shortly to complete his third full thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, done in 500-1000 mile sections over the years. He is a very sociable guy, relishing his encounters with a wide variety of hikers and tells many stories of his adventures over the years. He do ...…
Mike and Jeff conclude a two part look at the annuals from 1995, which were part of the Year One theme! Comics discussed are ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN ANNUAL #7, ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #7, STEEL ANNUAL #2 and DOOMSDAY ANNUAL #1!By (Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor).
"Change isn’t going to be easy, but there’s no time to procrastinate or hope someone else is going to fix it…it’s time to do something. YOU are the person you’ve been waiting for." — Tim Silverwood. Meet Tim Silverwood CEO of Take 3 for the Sea. Tim is an Australian environmentalist, surfer and plastic pollution campaigner. In Australia, you mi ...…
One housing issue will overshadow all others this election: Rent control. Matt and Liam discuss why renewed negotiations to remove a controversial rent control initiative from the ballot went nowhere, and what the campaigns will look like this fall. First, Matt proposes a solution to the Los Angeles Clippers' battles with the California Environ ...…
The DC Universe is actually happening and we have all the details about the upcoming streaming service. Join the Crisis Crew as we dissect the next Spider-Man movie, Jared Leto as Morbius, and learn how we can get on the set of W​onder Woman '84. Plus, we get a final update on Javi's BAE from E3 and start a new segment called "Nerd It Out" wher ...…
George Andrews has a deep love of hikers and hiking so, when he retired, he wanted to involve himself in the community. He had always been keen to keep the weight of his pack and everything in it as low as possible, so this led him to start a company in that field, AntiGravityGear. He refers to himself as a "tinkerer," teaching himself to sew a ...…
Mike and Jeff begin a two part look at the annuals from 1995, which were part of the Year One theme! Comics discussed are Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #4, Superman Annual #7, Superboy Annual #2 and kind of/sort of Shadow Dragon Annual #1.By (Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor).
Lily Cole rose to fame as a model. She was the youngest model to appear on the cover of British Vogue, and was listed by French Vogue as one of the top 30 models of the 2000s. Her pictures, shot by some of photography's greatest names (think Tim Walker, Nick Knight, Steven Meisel) are some of the most memorable in the business, but these days L ...…
Nils Rosenbaum, MD and Matt Tinney discuss the language and culture around suicide. Why do celebrities who die by suicide fascinate us? The language we use to talk about anything creates emotion around the topic, so our choices of words matter.If you have trouble talking about suicide try to replace the suicide with another illness. What does t ...…
In which our heroes discuss the value and practice of going on retreat and the need for solitude, silence and reflection. Including our top tips for those thinking of going on retreat (#retreathacks). Plus feedback on the whole ‘calling’ thing, and there’s a story from the Desert Fathers, as opposed to the Dessert Fathers. Stuff we mentioned… H ...…
In which our heroes discuss the value and practice of going on retreat and the need for solitude, silence and reflection. Including our top tips for those thinking of going on retreat (#retreathacks). Plus feedback on the whole ‘calling’ thing, and there’s a story from the Desert Fathers, as opposed to the Dessert Fathers. Stuff we mentioned… H ...…
You probably know about ROLAND MOURET’s famous "Galaxy" dress. Fitted, flattering, cap-sleeved and much-copied, it was a phenomenon in the 2000s, worn by everyone from Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson to Demi Moore and Victoria Beckham. You might also know about another of his glamorous clients, Megan Markle, who wore a chic navy Roland Mouret dr ...…
Apparently this is our pony episode of the podcast because according to rule 85 everything has a pony version of it! Join all the Crisis Crew as we debrief from E3 and give our initial thoughts on Incredibles 2! Plus, we decide if AMC's "movie pass" is better than MoviePass while Kevin gives a hot take on toxic fandom and a Teenage Mutant Ninja ...…
Buddy Wier is something of a late bloomer. He became interested in hiking after his retirement, accumulating gear though not immediately getting out to hike. He had always been a traveler and soon combined his love of travel with the various opportunities that arose to hike. Having traveled extensively and hiking when and where he could, Buddy ...…
Mike and Jeff discuss the three issue, prestige format DC/Dark Horse crossover SUPERMAN VS ALIENS!By (Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor).
Episode 50 - Interview with Anisah Jabar, The Importance of Ms. Marvel "Diversity in Comic Books" Hello GLC prisoners! In this episode, we are happy to introduce you to Anisah Jabar. She's a writer, actress, producer, and up and coming cosplayer that you need to get to know. She has a growing social media presence and now a youtube movie short ...…
This week we talk about Men "Boys boys boys, let me see them without their trousers"The Mid 20s Crisis is a side gig project that earns no money and produces brilliant podcasts.
We're live from E3 in Los Angeles! Join Kevin, Hoody, Javi, and our winner Noah as we let you know on all our experiences we have had throughout E3 2018. We bring back the Infinite Awards for Best Booth, Best Swag, and Best Surprise at E3 while deciding our favorite games from the show floor as well! Plus, we bring back the classic segment "Jav ...…
This week we talk about England Hold onto your St. George's flag and stab yourself a dragon.The Mid 20s Crisis is a side gig project that earns no money and produces brilliant podcasts.
Linnea Van Manen struggled with Lyme Disease as a young girl and felt the effects through her teens. Lyme manifested itself by intense bouts of bursitis in her knees, so much so that a year before heading out to the Appalachian Trail for a solo thru-hike, Linnea was confined to a wheelchair for some of the time. She was a flip-flopper (or OBOer ...…
Mike and Jeff discuss the final four episodes from Season 2 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman! Episodes discussed are Target: Jimmy Olsen, Individual Responsibility, Whine Whine Whine and And The Answer Is...!By (Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor).
London’s Victoria & Albert Museum (“perhaps the world’s best dressing-up box” with an archive of more than 75,000 items of clothing) takes on sustainable fashion! Thw new Fashioned From Nature exhibition includes amazing historical garments as well as contemporary fashion by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Katherine Hamnett, Alexander McQueen, ...…
Episode 49 "Avengers: Infinity War - Spoilers" "Should T'challa Supply Vibranium Armor to his Warriors?" Chuck and I review the newest Avengers movie, and give our potato rating. There's some funny bits, so even if you think you know everything about Infinity War, you'll still LOL, maybe even ROFL, or SYP, but... then put those pants in a washi ...…
Nicole Lederman, MD comes on the CIT ECHO to talk about what happens when law enforcement brings someone to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. This was presented to the CIT ECHO, if you are in public safety and would like to join for free online training and ability to staff cases with psychiatrist please check it out hereor email Jen ...…
The Nerd Life Crisis Podcast....Chris Thayer, Steve Hale, and Ron Milts talk about the things they love to talk about. The boys talk about everything from 'Pop to poop' discussing what's hot in Nerd Culture and of course being a father pushing 40. With Frequent guest host Mike Eastman. On this week's episode the boys discuss.... Solo: A Star Wa ...…
In which we look at calling, guidance and all that stuff. Do you have to be called to the ministry or is it OK just to want to give it a go? Does God micro-manage our life, or is it all a lot more up to us? And what does it mean to hear from God. Meanwhile, Joe is panicking about Lee Abbey and King Lear sends his love.…
In which we look at calling, guidance and all that stuff. Do you have to be called to the ministry or is it OK just to want to give it a go? Does God micro-manage our life, or is it all a lot more up to us? And what does it mean to hear from God. Meanwhile, Joe is panicking about Lee Abbey and King Lear sends his love.…
The Trio talk about their top TV shows of all time. From The Twilight Zone to The Walking Dead...we watch a lot of TV. Thanks to all the #3rdLifers that voted on the topic. Enjoy the bonus episode!Make sure to join the discussion and reach out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @3rdLifePodcastRoyalty Free Music from Bensound…
A grab bag of topics on this pod. First, the Avocado of the Fortnight asks what would Yeezus do about California's housing crisis (2:00)? Then, a discussion about what the primary results mean for housing, up and down the ballot (4:00). Next a recap of what important housing bills survived major legislative deadlines. Then finally Liam and Matt ...…
Episode 2 of IDENTITY CRISIS | comparing Kanye West and Michael Jordan | hosted by Jimmy Jimes and Will Mattson
We're all getting ready for E3 and we give our predictions for everything we hope gets announced! Join Hoody, Kevin, Javi and a really late Alex to give you all the info on ALL the trailers that released this week, including: Into the Spider-verse, Bumblebee, LEGO Movie 2, and Ralph Breaks the Internet! Plus, we take a trip to our Javi Shop on ...…
Simon Collins is a creative director, educator, fashion consultant, and ex-dean of the fashion school at Parsons in New York. With his new platform Fashion Culture Design, Simon holds what he calls Unconferences where not-boring fashion people address topics such as, How do you solve a problem like fashion week? And, Can sustainability be sexy? ...…
Kayla McCarthy, her father, and her mother set out to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2014. Only Kayla and her mother reached Katahdin as her father injured himself and had to leave the trail. As Kayla told her story I was struck by how much the dynamic of their hike had to change, with Kayla stepping up into a partnership with her mother, as opp ...…
Mike and Jeff discuss three more episodes from Season 2 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman! Episodes discussed are Lucky Leon, Resurrection and Tempus Fugitive!By (Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor).
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