Ep 40 - Banjo Kazooie , Hiroshi Iuchi and Treasure, Terranigma


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RetroLogic - Episode 40

This week we've got a special guest Seth from the ALL N Podcast with us to talk about…

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Icebreaker - what did you buy? And what did you play?

Seth: BOUGHT: Buck Bumble (N64), Baten Kaitos (GameCube). PLAYED: Pictooi, Mario Golf: Super Rush

Sam: Bought: Super Famicom: Ganbare Goemon 2-4, Mario & Wario

Played: Finished Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Terranigma Chapter 2


Bought: Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS, Tales of Symphonia GC, Star Wars Battlefront II PS2, FF XII collectors Ed PS2, Breath of Fire GBA, Balan Wonderland NS, No More Heroes 1+2 CE NS from LRG and MHS2 CE + Amiibo.

Played: Tales of Symphonia, Mario Golf, and MHS2

Dan: - Split Pad Pro for Switch, 2003 GamePro mag from the Video Game History Foundation.

The price is RETRO

Dan’s list

John’s list

Sam’s list

Seth’s list

Community List: Nicktendo [@BurgerBunsGamer on twitter]

Weekly Topics

This day in gaming history

Dan:21 Years Ago (July 12, 2000)

Dreamcast Virtua Tennis

Sam14 Years ago (July 12, 2007)DS Megaman ZX Advent

Old News

Super Mario 64 sells for 1.5 mil


Game Highlight: Banjo Kazooie

Retro Rewind

  • We’re playing Castlevania Bloodlines! Available on the Castlevania collection on Switch


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