Strategies for Gut Health - Summer Bock #126


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Summer Bock believes that good health starts in the gut, and she is dedicated to helping people heal their digestive issues naturally. You have about three pounds worth of microbiota lining your gut that is active, diverse and affects way more than just your digestion. In this interview, Summer is here to share how you can for keep your gut strong, healthy and motile. We discuss her top strategies for repopulating gut flora, how stress affects your gut health and what you can do about it, how to remineralize your body and we even get into the growing trend of fecal transplants.

This interview is a great reminder that we need to eat from all Four Kingdoms: Animal, Plant, Fungal and Bacterial. I hope it inspires you to infuse your diet with more fermented foods and cultivate a healthy, robust gut flora.

  • Daniel shares on ice fishing, fresh food and the origins of the Christmas tree
  • Daniel answers your questions on geophagy, favorite bedding options and Kava Root tea
  • How Summer became interested in gut health
  • What does your gut health affect?
  • Defining the gut
  • Strategies for repopulating our gut flora
  • Probiotics: supplements vs whole foods
  • How to remineralize your body
  • What are pre-biotics?
  • The lowdown on fecal transplants
  • Thoughts on kombucha
  • Keeping our gut strong, healthy and motile
  • The connection between disbiosis and disorganization
  • Stress, survival strategies and emotional detox
  • Summer’s Gut Rebuilding Program
  • Summer’s prognosis for the future of the human species

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