Backstage: Preparing To Pitch


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Jitters are normal. But, here's the kind of epiphanies I look for BEFORE pitching.

Every time I pitch, I learn so much about teaching my subject better. I learn more ways to do it, and even though sometimes I'll add something I feel is missing from the script, it's mostly about subtraction.

I add so much in the form of subtraction, and it just gets more and more simple every time I go do any kind of pitch or event.

In fact, there have been many times when I've felt like an offer is stagnant or I'm not progressing as fast as I want. Pitching has been the thing that has solved it, not just from a money perspective but also from a mental birth perspective.

Tune in for more benefits of consistent pitching

Key Takeaways

- Major benefits of pitching (01:49)

- How pitching helps you progress (02:30)

- Pitching over, over, over and over (04:28)

- Simplicity for the audience (07:25)

- How the marketplace guides you in what you need to do (09:58)

- Competence equals confidence (12:46)

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