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When I first started, I kinda looked at internet traffic as this magic thing that only some could crack. I mystified it in my mind. But now, after millions in sales online, I'd say that traffic is 'solved' by messaging.

Bad messaging = sucky traffic and vice versa.

Ads do not solve a traffic problem as many businesses tend to do. Ads are just an accelerant, but messaging is at the core of your marketing and traffic. If you need more traffic, you must figure out the messaging better.

So the question is how you get your messaging right?

By learning what your dream customers are searching for and standing in front of those searches. That's it…. it's that easy!

Don't create something and then ask how you can get people to see it; you've already lost at that point. All you do is create what people are looking for already.

Key Takeaways

- The many ways to get traffic without ads (02:04)

- Don't try to create traffic; stand in front of it (04:20)

- The non-negotiable musts of every company we buy (05:50)

- Why traffic is a messaging problem (07:51)

- If you need more leads – improve your messaging (12:18)

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