How To Stress Test (Offloading without Imploding)


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I used to make it a habit to simply disappear briefly during the busiest times in the business. Not for long. The point was for me to see where the cracks appeared.

I don't mean to have a lack of communication with the people in your team, but there's serious power in allowing your business to show you where it has fractures.

A business cannot be said to be a business if it still demands your daily attention. In any case, this is not why you became an entrepreneur. Besides financial freedom, you also wanted time freedom.

So stepping away from your business is a great tool to assess the health of your business.

Additionally, it allows you to develop those other aspects of your life. Remember the parallel journey I talked about at the beginning of Season 2?

Tune in to this episode to learn more about perspective and how to stress test.

Key Takeaways

- What happens when you solve the money problems in your life (03:35)

- You don't have a business until it doesn't need you (07:50)

- Business development together with personal development (10:00)

- Hustle is a phase, not a lifestyle (11:54)

- The importance of perspective (15:17)

- Test the systems (21:10)

- Take a break if you need one (24:27)

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