Ch 18: Skewed Priorities?

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Are your priorities a bit out of whack?

So often I hear people say: Oh, I could never afford to do that. The “that” being whatever they find really exciting but an idea so farfetched and out of reach. It could be a trip to a foreign land to experience a new culture, a personal trainer to help them get fit or even a home remodel.

Here’s the thing. So often when I talk with them, they’re also slurping down a $10 green juice or are driving around in their gas guzzling SUV on their $500 cell phone with their $300 purse in the seat next to them having just gone through a drive through at a mass marketed overpriced coffee shop for their $5 venti mocha cinnamon low fat coconut milk latte.

Priorities, my friends. When we really take a look at our lives, an honest deep dive kind of look, we sometimes can learn that our priorities are a little out of whack.

Today, I'm offering 3 ways to assess and shift the priorities in your life.

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