Ep 10: Rudy G


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Rudy G is a funny poet with John Lennon sunglasses, a love for music, and a person one take poem record. His poetry group, the Mightier P.E.N.S performs all around San Diego. He talks about self disipline (or lack there of) and why writing for an audience can be better than writing for yourself. He also talks about bombing... bad. But his easgoing demeaner allows him to shake off the negative and keep on keeping on with his words. Rudy G is the guy you look for when you're looking for some "street cred" -- alloted to anyone, whether he likes you as a person or not, as long as your stuff is good. From Rudy we learn that humor in poetry is okay, that experimentation on all fronts is okay, and that a coffee with caramel and cream and sugar still counts as coffee.

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