Ep 11: Tazha Williams


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Tazha Williams wonderfully hosts the Red Poets Society weekly open mic, so we let her do the talking on this one. Tazha = poet + artist + sustainable farmer. And studied Fine Art Painting at California College of the Arts in the San Francisco bay area. And she has won various awards. And her artwork’s been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, on The Today Show and on KUSI news. And she lives in a sustainable co-housing community. So being surrounded by creative environments almost comes naturally to her. But even for those creative souls who don’t know how to starts, she suggests just reaching out and seeing what’s going on around you, because if there’s something you’re thinking about doing, chances are others in your community are interested in the same thing. The open mic is every Wednesday, 7 – 10 at Kafe Sobaka. Check out Tazha’s site as well to see her incredible artwork and learn more.

Red Poets Society: https://www.facebook.com/sdredpoets

Tazha’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tazhawilliamsart?fref=ts

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