THE Masterclass on Finding Your Dream Mentor Feat Richard Yu


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In This Episode:

  • How Richard went from a jewelry-selling side hustle at during pre-med at UCLA to interviewing the CEO of GymShark
  • The two biggest takeaways from Richard’s meeting with Ben Francis, and how God answered the prayer Richard had been making all summer long
  • How Richard’s next venture, an ATM business, literally went up in flames and led him down the path of finding a mentor
  • What Richard did to land a call with Joel Marion, how Joel connected Richard with Vince, and Richard’s game changing advice for networking on Instagram
  • How to decide on the best mentor for you, plus why finding someone with similar values is vital
  • Hear the exact emails Richard sent to Vince that landed him an internship and why it’s so important to stay on the top of someone’s mind
  • How Richard has been bringing massive value to Vince and his team, and what he’s seen in return this summer
  • You have to get vulnerable: Hear what happened during a recent raw conversation when Richard brought up some concerns about leaving school
  • What Richard is doing now to connect entrepreneurs with interns so that they can form mutually beneficial relationships


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