Episode 060: Buzzing The Tower


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Episode 060 Show Notes

Topic of the show: RH interviewed an ATL Tower Air Traffic Controller and they discussed a listener question about helicopter operations in the ATL tower airspace. Thank you, JEC! Great audio feedback. And a special thank you to my anonymous contact in the Atlanta Tower! Your airport is a factory of airplanes and ATC keeps the machine running at full capacity! Thank you, ATL! How does this compare to TRIAD helicopter operations? How does a facility layout and airspace design effect operations?

Audio clip of AG buzzing the tower in a CH-47; call sign “Freight Train”.

Timely Feedback:

  1. BOS: Planes, Cranes, and Piers. Click here to read more.
  2. "Joe The Airbus Guy" sent in Episode 59 feedback regarding BOS. Thank you, Joe!
  3. Bravo Hotel sent in follow up to Episode 58. Thank you, BH!
  4. Captain Nick sends in some comments about cranes and NOTAMS in BOS.
  5. Mike Zulu sent in a link about ATC. Check it out.
  6. Tango Hotel sent in first time feedback and a link to an article. Thank you, TH!


  1. EC sent in a question about flight following. Thank you, EC!
  2. Delta Zulu (formerly known as DM) sent in a link to a video from “Flight Chops”. Thank you, DZ!
  3. AH sent in feedback asking what happens when things break? Thank you, AH!

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