Mustafa Ali - Tearing Down Stereotypes


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This week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Lilian sits down with the 205 Live Superstar, Mustafa Ali. This is Mustafa’s podcast DEBUT and is the FIRST 205 Live Superstar to be on Chasing Glory! Fresh off of his memorable Smackdown match with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Mustafa talks all about how it feels to be part of the 205 Live roster in the WWE. He also talks about what goes through his mind when he performs his jaw-dropping finish move, the 054. He also takes you behind the scenes on the emotions that he was going through before his Wrestlemania match with Cedric Alexander. Mustafa shares with his fans what it was like growing up with his parents and his father’s health issues and how it’s important for him not to overwork himself. He also talks about how his life changed before and after the September 11 attacks especially being from Pakastani descent. Mustafa reveals having to wrestle under a mask while posing as a luchador in the beginning of his wrestling career and how he finally was able take a stand against wrestling promoters wanting to book him with a stereotype. Mustafa mentions about his time being a police officer and why he chose to follow that path. Find out what it was like for him to go from being an alternate in the Cruiserweight Classic to being one of the 32 competitors and what he told Triple H before he got signed to a WWE contract. All this and much more. It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Mustafa Ali.
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