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On this episode of the “Chasing Glory Classics Series”, we bring you Never-Before-Seen Raw File footage. WATCH for the FIRST TIME on www.YoutTube.com/LilianGarcia.
Lilian sits down with award winning Host and Storyteller, Jay Shetty whose videos have garnered over 4 Billion views worldwide. Growing up as a young wrestling fan, Jay relives his childhood by talking about his favorite wrestling Superstars and hear about his connection to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that helped change his life for the better. Jay opens up about what it was like being overweight and bullied as a young teenager and why it’s important to never judge anyone. He talks about growing up an introvert and goes into detail on why it’s important to do the research before picking a political side. Jay also discusses how he made a choice to be in a gang at the age of 14 to then becoming a monk by the age of 18. Find out how he was able to discover his purpose in life which led him to starting his YouTube & Facebook channels which now impact millions of people globally. This episode is sure to help you on how to get on the right path to having inner happiness. All this and so much more with NEVER BEFORE HEARD STORIES! It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Jay Shetty!

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