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On this episode of the “Chasing Glory Classics Series”, Lilian sits down with WWE Superstar, Lacey Evans.You heard this interview March 2019 now watch this NEVER BEFORE SEEN Interview footage for the first time before her rise in the WWE at Lacey talks about how she got into pro wrestling and stepping into the ring after ONE week of in-ring training. Find out what it was like for her having to grow up with parents who were addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as suffering from depression. She discusses the heartbreaking moment at the age of 10 that made her want to be a mother and why it’s important for her to spread the message that children do not have to suffer the same experiences. Her childhood led her to joining the military where she shares with the listeners about her time as a United States Marine. Lacey also gives her reaction to her father passing away from a drug overdose just months before her WWE tryout and why it’s important to go to counseling. She also mentions how close she was to leaving when she arrived for her tryout and what her motivation is as a WWE Superstar. You do not want to miss this EXCLUSIVE interview that promises to motivate. It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Lacey Evans.

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