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On this episode of the “Chasing Glory Classics Series”, Lilian sits down with WWE On-Air Personality, Kayla Becker aka Kayla Braxton. This is both a heartbreaking and uplifting episode that you don’t want to miss. You heard this interview in 2019, now watch this NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN interview footage for the first time. Kayla will reveal the tragic beginning to her story and the difficulties that she faced as a child. She SHOCKINGLY reveals that she was a product of sexual assault thus never even knowing who her father was. She speaks on how those incidents still affect her relationships today and whether or not she holds any resentment towards her biological mother for exposing her to men who were both verbally and physically abusive to her. We will then learn how the foster care system gave her a second chance and helped to shape her winning personality we’ve all come to know and love. She will tell us the importance of heritage and what she discovered after taking the Ancestry test and if she is ready to reach out to her extended family on her father’s side, a decision she wishes on no one. On a professional level, Kayla will tell us about her time in the WWE and reveal why she initially TURNED DOWN their offer but what finally convinced her to take the job. All this and so much more as it’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Kayla Braxton.

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