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This is the debut episode from the “Chasing Glory Classics Series” with none other than WWE Superstar, Kevin Owens. You heard it before, NOW WATCH IT FOR THE FIRST TIME on Garcia. This is an exclusive NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN interview that will take us into the mind of this former champion. We’ll get his immediate reaction to his much talked about 365 special on the WWE Network, an in-depth look into his reign as the Universal Champion, the pressure that he puts on himself to be the best and why he struggles to be able to “enjoy the moment”. He will give us a glimpse into his childhood in Canada and reveal how his life drastically changed after he was introduced to pro wrestling by his father and the gratefulness, he feels to have the support of his entire family. Kevin will also tell us who his biggest inspirations and influences are and about his give and take relationships with both Paul Heyman and the current Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. Plus, you don’t want to miss this superstar’s thoughts about his weight, the issues he sees with social media and of course, how he truly felt about being LEFT OFF of WrestleMania. So, Get Fired Up because we got all that and so much more as it’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring with Kevin Owens!

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