The Lyon Sisters


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In 1975, 2 sisters, 10-year-old Katherine Lyon and 12-year-old Sheila Lyon, disappeared in Wheaton, Maryland. The sisters had gone to the local mall to see the Easter decorations and eat lunch, but they never made it home. A number of people came forward to report that they had seen the two girls. One man even came forward, saying that he saw the sisters being abducted and put into a car. But, he later admitted that he was lying. There were fake ransom demands from people preying on the grief and agony that the parents were experiencing.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the infamous case of the Lyon sisters. A number of suspects emerged over the years, including one man that the police dubbed "the tape recorder man" who had been seen with the sisters at the mall. It took many decades, but the police finally zeroed in on a man who crossed their path early in the investigation. And it was this man, Lloyd Welch, that turned about to be the culprit behind what happened to the Lyon sisters.

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