#24: PIVOT? the questions you need to ask yourself right now


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Today's episode is all about reflection and re-direction. Now is the time to pivot your business and life so it's heading in the direction you want it to:

Questions to ask:

  • What would you do if you couldn’t fail?
  • What do you get lost doing?
  • What do people often ask for your help with (whether this is a part of your biz or not)?
  • What were you been naturally drawn to doing when you were small?

For your Instagram:

  • Ask people or friends who follow you what they get out of your account the most
  • Look at your statistics and find out who is following you, who has brought from you before, who often DMs you and engages with you content the most
  • Realise what is important to your audience and your goals

Change your messaging:

  • In your captions
  • In your stories

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