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Welcome lovely humans, to my podcast „Sex and Art“. I am an artist and coach from Berlin, living in Linköping, Sweden. In this podcast I combine my passion for art and sex with my passion for very interesting people. Throughout my life, I met so many wise, crazy, lovely, exciting, and interesting people and I had tons of inspiring conversations. Now I want to bring these conversations to you. I’ll talk with artists, dancers, comedians, musicians, programmers, managers, writers, bodyworkers as well as tantrics, healers, priests, or just someone I deeply fell in love with. In every episode, you'll be allowed a peek into their world and we find out how they connect to art and sex. For me these two notions - art and sex - describe life. Some episodes you will find to be more about sex, some will be more about art, and recently therapy plays a big role, too. If you want to support this podcast please share, like and subscribe. Welcome home. Siri Berlin PS: If you want to know more about my work as an artist and sexologist you can have a look at my homepages: and

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