Sexual Health for Seniors with Dr Sue


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A series on sexual health for seniors based on interviews with older people. Hosted by Dr Sue Gledhill with guest co-hosts Fran Cahill & Bernie O'Bryan. The series is produced by John Sayles. Technical advisor - Jayd Alberts. Sexual health for seniors is a podcast series based on authentic interviews conducted by Dr Sue Gledhill for her PhD research which explored the experience of sexual desire in older age.Topics discussed with co-hosts in the podcast series include sexual desire in the context of:· Being alone· Sexuality and dementia· Being an older homosexual male in a heterosexual relationship · Being widowed· The experience of late life relationships· Engaging in multiple sexual relationships in older age· The online dating environment· Prioritising health.The research was conducted through the Queensland University of Technology under supervision of Professors Jennifer Abbey, Dr Robert Schweitzer & Dr Anthony Welch.

15 episodes