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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio isn’t about "Sound Bites." It's true talk radio with a mission to raise all voices around the world - big and small. From, a person diagnosed with a form of dementia or MCI, to family and friend care partners, authors, researchers, support services, education, entertainment, advocacy work, to technology platforms, devices and support; all voices are welcome to have an interesting and respectful conversation with our host Lori La Bey.Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio is about ...
This podcast is designed to give you quick and entertaining information regarding caring for someone with dementia. “Carosene – The Gigolo Song (cdk Remix)” by Analog By Nature. 2015 Licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).
This Dementia Life
This Dementia Life is a heartwarming podcast program about living life with dementia.
Dementia Researcher
Through our podcasts we aim to explore a range of topics which will be of interest to Early Career Researchers, or others interested in working and studying in the field.The topics range from those focused on careers, such as grant writing to areas of science and research, delving into specific studies aiming to help beat dementia.This podcast series is brought to you by - everything you need, all in one place. Register today to get weekly bulletins, with ne ...
Are you having a hard time taking care of your loved one that has Dementia?Do you feel stuck on how and what to do with your loved one that has Dementia?Are you ready to take care of yourself and your elderly loved one?Ready to be the best caregiver for your loved one?Then this podcast is for YOU!
Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly Community want the voices of those living with dementia in our community to be heard and valued; we aim to establish links with businesses and service providers to encourage all to improve services and increase awareness of dementia. Produced by iamthehow with music from Kai Engel.
If you are living with someone who has Alzheimer’s, dementia, confusion or memory loss, you know just how difficult the simple act of communication can be between you and your loved one. Susan Kohler, author of How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s, is host of Innovative Dementia Care, a program designed to help you, the caregiver learn about the communication process, why it is so important in caregiving, the problems in communication, and useful techniques to facilitate communication that wi ...
The Alzheimer’s Podcast with Mike Good of Together in This is your #1 resource for practical tips and insights; empowering you and your family to live well with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.
The Alzheimer's Podcast
The Alzheimer’s Podcast with Mike Good of Together in This is your #1 resource for practical tips and insights; empowering you and your family to live well with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.
Life With Dementia
Life With Dementia is an interview-style podcast sharing relevant research, personal stories, and practical tips for living well with dementia. We talk to people all over the world: scientists, researchers, practitioners, family care partners, industry professionals, and people living with dementia to hear firsthand about solutions they’ve discovered and what we can do to improve resources and support for people affected by dementia.
Peace with Dementia is a podcast for persons living with dementia and their care partners, focusing on practical tips and exploring current research. Matt encourages listeners to share what they hear on the show with their medical team and collaborate on care strategies. Together, we can create “Peace with Dementia.”
Dementia Matters
Dementia Matters is brought to you by the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, located in Madison, Wisconsin. Our podcast is here to help humanize Alzheimer’s disease, by speaking with the experts in our community to keep you informed on the latest headlines, research studies, and caregiver resources.
Unlocking the doors of dementia with Lauren, founder of Family Connect Care. In this podcast, Lauren will dispense important advice to families who care for a loved one with dementia. She has been said to have "no filter" because she tells it like it it, even when it's difficult to hear. "Because families need to know," she explains. Lauren is happy to discuss any and all aspects of dementia, focusing on what families can do to enhance the quality of life for all affected. #nofilter #nationwide
This is the Dementia Care Partner Talk Show, a podcast to help you navigate the senior care maze. Learn and laugh with us as we discuss creative solutions and ideas to common and uncommon dementia care challenges, and how to make sense of the senior care industry and options even if you're not a professional. Are you caring for a person living with dementia? We would love to hear from you! Send us a note at and tell us what you'd like for us to discuss! You can also visit ...
We’re the UK’s leading dementia charity. We provide information and support, improve care, fund research, and create lasting change for people affected by dementia
NEI Podcast
The Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI) is committed to help raise the standard of mental health by providing imaginative medical education that focuses on the highest level of learning. Each episode offers an opportunity to learn about current issues in psychiatry from key opinion leaders in the medical field. NEI's Podcast would be of value to anyone with an interest in neuropsychiatric diseases and psychopharmacology.
Topics include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body and living with other Dementia’s
The FuMP
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The Funny Music Project!
The Fun Zone
The Fun Zone is a show hosted by Byron Lee. 2 hours of comedy music, dementia, and anything weird!
The stories from the Caregivers and the daily struggles that they have to do. How do they keep themselves healthy to keep doing the day to day handling of helping their love ones with Alzheimer's
Don't miss these vital updates on the latest in Alzheimer's and dementia care and research from the University of California.
Alzheimer's Speaks
Alzheimer's Speaks Radio believes in giving voice to those afflicted with memory loss and their care partners, while empowering them to live purpose-filled lives. Our goal is to raise awareness, give hope and share the real everyday life of living with dementia. We look forward to you joining us for great conversation, learning and laughter as we maneuver this roller coaster called memory loss. About our host, Lori La Bey: memory loss has been part of Lori's life for over 30 years, ever sinc ...
Don't miss these vital updates on the latest in Alzheimer's and dementia care and research from the University of California.
The show is about the Delaney Family's caregiving for someone with dementia. My mother has had dementia for four years now, In the show, we talk about things we do and don't do because of dementia. I 'm hoping that this podcast will help someone Who's in the same situation. So basically the show is a little bit about things to do and things not to do with someone with dementia.
Hello, thank you for listening. My name is Kimberly D. Scott, the woman with 2 first names. I host 2 podcasts: Industry Celebrities podcast, I interview industry professionals (in any industry) & ask them questions about their industry plus guests share a little advice to their younger self. 2nd podcast, Caregivers Stories, highlighting those who care for their loved ones with Dementia and educate all on Dementia diseases. If you are interested in being on either podcast (@ no charge), pleas ...
Arts and Creativity for health - Inspiring you to unlock your creative talents. Looking at how Creative expression can impact on our health and well-being and effect change in our lives.Posting Mondays - You are encouraged to dive deep into an inspired thoughtWednesday - Arts & Wellness - Arts, interviews, strategies & resources for those living with Dementia & their Carers.Friday - Inspiration Shorts is a top-up reflection suggestion.Want to make a Donation to the podcast & improve the prod ...
OMG I'm Getting Older and so is My Mom is about coping with getting older ourselves and dealing with our aging parents.
Manic Mondays
Weekly comedy show featuring funny music, News Of The Stupid, and more!
Dementia is a syndrome, not a disease. Dementia is a group of symptoms that affects mental cognitive tasks such as memory and reasoning. Dementia is an umbrella term that Alzheimer's disease can fall under. It can occur due to a variety of conditions, the most common of which is Alzheimer's disease
Devo Spice, The Great Luke Ski, and some rotating guest hosts discuss the most recent comedy songs posted on The FuMP.
Devo Spice has been described as the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem, a fitting description since his comedy rap songs have topped the charts on the Dr. Demento Show, where Weird Al himself got his start. On The Insider Devo gives you a behind the scenes peek and what is going on in his demented world every month including some sneak peeks at new projects, and plans for the future.
"Sherapy" with Sheri Todd
Sheri Todd is not a therapist or a psychiatrist. She doesn't even like yoga! Yet she is a survivor of child sexual and physical abuse who has a story to tell. And like most survivors, Sheri grew up with a self-hate for herself. And throughout her life, she had to learn how to care and love herself as much as she did for others. Sheri calls it "Sherapy". Follow along as Sheri shares inspiring and motivational stories she hopes will help in healing and encourage self-compassion. Also, follow S ...
We’re the UK’s leading dementia charity. We provide information and support, improve care, fund research, and create lasting change for people affected by dementia
Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.
All In The Mind is ABC RN's weekly podcast looking into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.
Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4
The world stops spinning on its axis when dementia surfaces within the family – join NoosaCare's DementiaLiving Team as they dive into dementia to show you and your loved ones that there is still a life worth living after a diagnosis of dementia.
Podcast for Dementia Radio
Podcast for Dementia Radio
Listen to 15-20 minute long interviews of experts on various topics related to mental and general health. The topics will be continuously expanded. The interviews are designed for both professionals and non-professionals. Topics range from the basis of new medication research, the effect of media on girls's self-images, discussions of violence, same-sex marriages, pollution, bullying, divorce, OCD, addictions, borderline personality disorders, mental health issues in the deaf, hallucinations ...
Dementia Dialogue
Interviews with persons with lived experience of dementia to promote understanding and insight
This 6 part series series looks at every aspect of dementia, from diagnosis, to carers, to end of life care.
How one person's dementia story led to a journey of discovery. A podcast with Penny Bell.
Caregiver/Storyteller is a storytelling podcast about Alzheimer's and dementia caregiving. Every caregiver has a story to tell. Chris Doucette interviews caregivers to learn how they became caregivers, the ups and downs of their journey, and how they've changed as a result. Other podcasts teach. Through confessional storytelling, Caregiver/Storyteller helps listeners understand the first-person reality of what caregiving is actually like. While all caregiving stories convey a sense of loss, ...
The truth is stranger than fiction
Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues
New podcast weblog
‘Adventure Before Dementia’ is a radio show for camping enthusiasts. Whether you like staying in caravan parks or bush camping, be it up the river, along the coast, discovering unsealed national parks or more remote outback explorations, ‘Adventure Before Dementia’ is your weekly dose of escapism.Hosts Anita & Mike Pavey have worked as photo-journalists for some of Australia’s most popular 4x4, camper trailer and caravan publications. They have travelled widely including a 13-month Big Lap o ...
Criminal is a podcast about crime. Not so much the "if it bleeds, it leads," kind of crime. Something a little more complex. Stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. We are a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX, a curated network of extraordinary, story-driven shows. Learn more at
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Oh that cartoon is FUNNY!Amy Gross-Kehoe is the guest on this episode. Amy's mother had dementia, and her last few months were not at all what the family expected. Dementia is a roller-coaster ride. It certainly was for Amy!By Carol Howell - dementia education life coach.
LAUREN and special guest Linda D'Ambrosi of Vista Sotheby's International Realty in Rolling Hills Estates, California, discuss some of the important factors and considerations when selling the family home when dementia is part of the equation. Subjects touched on in this episode include the emotional aspects of selling a home with memories, thi ...…
Please join This Dementia Life host Chuck McClatchey and his guest, the dynamic dementia advocate Teepa Snow. Teepa is an incredible dementia trainer as well as a passionate advocate for proper care of people living with dementia. Please enjoy this in-depth conversation and learn how and why Teepa is so passionate about what she does. Also plea ...…
Matt chats with Michael Ellenbogen, an international advocate living with dementia about his mission to fight the stigma and assumptions of dementia, especially of what he can teach medical providers. Show Notes: The Whole Care Network.
On October 14th the Strategy Show was about hypersexuality and inappropriate sexual behavior when a person is displaying dementia symptoms. How do we address these issues in a calm manner while keeping everyone safe? I have some ideas for you!By Jill Lorentz.
On this week's program, we will, as always, review the communication strategies that lead to success in caregiving, continue to explore how to get organized as a caregiver with preparing meals and snacks, and begin a new topic on food safety with the person in our care.By Bold Brave Media Talk Radio.
Raymond James has ‘come alive’ with the support he’s found through Alzheimer’s SocietyBy Alzheimer's Society.
When someone doesn’t notice the needs of their body for nourishment, hydration, sleep, cleaning, grooming, or fresh clothing, it can be a challenge to get agreement to participate in the process of meeting those needs. In this episode, Teepa Snow talks about providing choices that help the person move forward into the task rather than resist th ...…
Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites. Today Lori La Bey, Alzheimer's Speaks Radio host talks with Lenny Shallcross the Executive Director of the World Dementia Council (WDC) located in London. On the ...…
To many people, exercise can seem like an uncertain and intimidating new world. The confusing marketing around it can make it hard to find a healthy, sustainable exercise plan. But it's important for people to fit movement into their lives because a growing body of research is showing the positive effects that physical activity can have on your ...…
“Dementia is not a physical disease, but a cognitive one.” These are the clear words of Jim Mann, living with dementia and desperately trying to shatter the stereotypes that surround it. If we really want to help someone living with dementia, we have to understand that having a good quality of life is quite possible. A little bit of encourageme ...…
This week Megan O'Hare interviews Emma Harding and Emilie Brotherhood, PhD students working on the Rare Dementia Support Impact study - a £3.5 million, five-year, multi-site collaboration research study into the value of multicomponent support groups for people living with or supporting someone with a rare form of dementia.They will discuss the ...…
Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites. Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer's Speaks Radio talk with Michael Quayle, an advocate for dementia and also a man living with Alzheimer's disease. Michael discusses ...…
Being active is important for us all, with benefits for both the mind and body, but for those who may have dementia, keeping active can be a challenge. Janica talks to us about a range of activities designed specifically for those of us who may need that little extra support and we hear how sports and leisure organisations such Fusion Lifestyle ...…
Meet Amanda Bizeau, account executive, and Brittany Todd, RN of LHC Home Health Extendicare, who are going to help us understand home health. In this episode of MisUnderstanding Dementia 01:10 - What does Amanda do? What is Extendicare Home Health? 02:00 - Differences in medicare plans 03:15 - How can one change their insurance plans to what be ...…
Health risks for Presidential hopefuls, falling inflation, shark deaths and salary claimsBy BBC Radio 4.
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