142 - Tracey Jewel on being a single mum


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In this week's episode, I chat with Tracey Jewel from Australia’s fifth season of Married at At First Sight.

Tracey shares:

  • How life changed for her as a single mum, and how she felt about being a single mum.
  • How she grieved her past life and accepted her new reality.
  • Her co-parenting schedule and how her co-parenting relationship has changed over the years.
  • How Tracey has dealt with her daughter being a part of a new blended family.
  • Wanting more children and the pressure on us as women in our mid-thirties.
  • What her experience was like on Married at At First Sight as a single mum.
  • How Married at At First Sight helped her through the process of becoming a single mum.
  • How she dealt with the judgement she received for being on Married at At First Sight as a single mum and not being the primary caregiver of her child.
  • The struggles of 2018 post Married at At First Sight.
  • Her tips for new single mums

We also chat about how she told her daughter's father she was going on Married at At First Sight (#awkward), ex-boyfriends going to the media, her relationship with Sean, and of course her new relationship.

We also chat all things mental health, social media, self-care, benefits of being a single mum, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This was such an enjoyable conversation, and Tracey's attitude, openness and strength are truly inspiring. A must listen!

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