Rise Of The Patient #ROTPt Sourcing Healthcare Information


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This episode is part of a larger program that will run for 3 months: The Rise Of The Patient. (#ROTPt) Click this link for more details on the program There is a movement happening. It is a quiet one however a critical one. Patients are finding their voice and are driving conversations in various arenas that are not necessarily in your traditional healthcare space. The movement has grown significantly since the advent of the social web. They are driving change. In this episode I interview Andrew Spong. Andrew will share his perspective of sourcing quality health information and the importance of patient communities. Guest Bio Andrew Spong is the Founder of STweM. Andrew is also the Co-Founder Health Care Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu). Andrew Spong, PhD is one of the most trusted voices in the global health conversation and was recently ranked by peers as the #1 global influencer of pharma on the social web. Co-founder of the leading European healthcare community, Health Care Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu; @hcsmeu) and premier healthcare podcast Digitally Sick (@digitally_sick), he has an international reputation as a community builder,health conversationalist, creator and curator to pharma, healthcare professional and patient communities across the social web. Andrew is Founder of boutique social business development and health communications consultancy STweM. Search #ROTPt for related episodes

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