Youtube vs. Higher Education with guest Dan Anderegg


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"I was writing music for Danny Lux, who composes for Grey’s Anatomy, so he was throwing cues my way to write, and lots of other shows."

"I loved the craft of it, absolutely, but got to a time where my family and I decided to make a career change basically for more balance for ourselves."

"I was actually singing on Xena Warrior Princess or on a Disney film or whatever it was. That I somehow was selling my artistry and my creativity and my training short."

"how do we answer those questions in a world where people feel like they are one WebMD visit away from being a doctor or one YouTube tutorial away from being Frank Lloyd Wright, or whatever. What extra value does higher education add that you cannot get through a YouTube tutorial?"

"But, curating it, because there is so much of it, the quality of that needs to be curated by somebody who actually understands the subject, and then, beyond that, there’s a mentorship element to it that teaches you application."

"I know almost immediately what their background has been. Their background has been a YouTube tutorial, because they lack the breadth of experience and the breadth of context that’s necessary to accurately and effectively use that tool."

"Universities are more than simply teaching skills to accomplish certain tasks, and that’s one of the things that I’ve just been thinking about as well. There’s a lot of character development and socialization and mentoring and helping build connections and leading a student from developing that broader context."

"The technology changes every day, and unless you have a broad understanding of the principles and concepts and the history of all these things, then you’re going to try to learn something and you’re going to learn it, but then you’re not going to know what to do tomorrow when it changes."

"Which is why sometimes I’m leveraging online resources way more than any text in another form because the time to market is so short, a lot of the times it’s more up to date that something I can find inside of a library, right?"

"YouTube vs. university. It’s just…you can get some skills and specific pieces of information, but you can’t weave it all together and fully understand it."

"The team projects were always our most frustrating thing, because there's always one person that didn't do any work at all.
But those are the kinds of things we have to learn to be successful in the workplace."

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