64: The Murder of Cheryl Fergeson & The Attempted Murder of Clarence Brandley by the State of Texas


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In 1980, a sixteen year old white girl named Cheryl Dee Fergeson was raped and murdered in a high school auditorium in Conroe, Texas. Suspicion immediately fell on the only black janitor, though three other white janitors were present. A Texas Ranger looked Clarence Brandley in the face and said “One of you is gonna hang for this. Since you’re the ni**er, you’re elected”. What followed was more than just a miscarriage of justice. The police, prosecutor and three judges colluded to frame Clarence Brandley with nothing but pure racism in their hearts.
Research Assistance by Haley Gray
Case Suggested by Hannah Thayer
Suggested Reading: White Lies: Rape, Murder and Justice Texas Style by Nick Davies:
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