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Hello friend - I'm Blair Dreessen, Human Design + Embodiment Mentor, SoulFlow™ & Love Vibe Facilitator, 4/1 Self Projected Projector, wife and Mom. I support women through the unbecoming process so they can feel safe in their bodies and safe in embodying their truth so life, biz, & wealth just naturally flows. The Spiritually Intimate podcast is the space where we get to have fun in all of the expansive and beautiful conversations that begin to unfold through the journey of becoming more deeply intimate and real with oneself. Be ready to have a lot of fun and laughs while we expand and grow together in this unscripted, unedited, real, raw and free flowly convos amongst friends. We are going to chat about all the things and totally go there, so sit back and enjoy the show. PSA: Earbuds recommended when in the presence of mini humans.

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