Spoilercast 39: Theorizing Before All the Evidence


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Spoilercast 39: Theorizing Before All the Evidence

We sat down to really commit to our own capital mistake: #setlock theorizing. Consulting fans old and new join us for an enormous review of all the filming block information we have, post-Sherlocked.

Consulting Fans: Caroline, Ruther2, Leslie (thesetison/hudders-and-hiddles), Hotsmugstache, and Meg (midgetnazgul/sh_dowsingrod)

(SPOILERS below)

Links in the show:

    1. Hotsmugstache on Tumblr
    2. Leslie on Tumblr and Twitter
    3. Meg on Twitter
    4. Ruther on Twitter and Storify
    5. Sherlocked and catchup
      1. What did we learn?
        1. “Very worrying” [1]
    6. Episode 4.1: The Six Thatchers
        1. Written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Rachel Talalay
        2. ACD canon/references:
          1. Six Napoleons – title, Sandeford
          2. Silver Blaze – Ferrari horse and curious incident in the nighttime
          3. Stockbroker’s Clerk – gold teeth
          4. Study in Scarlet? – Peckham Poisoner headline from newspaper prop at NGS
          5. Golden Pince-Nez/Black Peter/Abbey Grange – DI Hopkins
          6. John’s blog with same title
        3. Locations:
          1. Christening with TSoT bridesmaid SAs, posh clothes
          2. Mary investigates Margam Abbey at night with torch (SDCC trailer)
          1. Mint and Mustard, John and Mary date
          2. Converted church, Ella’s office?
          1. John and Mary’s bedroom
          2. Plane scene
          3. Molly Hooper “6” office?
          1. Portland House – embassy siege, Mary, AJ, hostage situation, maybe Sherlock
          2. Margam Park
          3. Tredegar House (TRF boarding school)
          4. Coedarhydaglyn – car explosion
          5. Penarth
          6. Interior/studio:
          7. West Bute Street – skull graffiti
          8. Bonnington Square/Vine Lodge – bloodhound and baby’s day out
          9. Borough Market – bloodhound and baby’s day out
          10. Watson house, Wordworth Avenue – Molly and baby, Watson bedroom scene
          11. Cyncoed Road – crime scene with Lestrade, Mycroft, Sherlock, SA in pyjamas, SOCO team
          12. Trinity Church Square
          13. Vauxhall Bridge – broody Sherlock on phone, starts running
          14. MI6 plaza – Sherlock confrontation with male (Moriarty lookalike? James Holmes?)
          15. MI6 interior – closed set
          16. London Aquarium tunnel at South Bank – Sherlock, multiple police, one non-principal cast member
          17. Underwater filming (Arwel 2nd unit)
          18. Miles Street tunnel – Sherlock, John, pregnant Mary in car, shark
          19. Senedd – Mycroft, Lady Smallwood, Sherlock (SDCC trailer)
        4. SAs: Daniel Hoffman-Gill (Gold Teeth), Harry Gostelow (Ambassador’s Husband), Tanya Moodie (Ella), James Holmes (Passenger), Luke Antony (SAS soldier), Sacha Dhawan (AJ), Charles Edwards (David Wellsborough), Eleanor Matsuura (DI Hopkins), Andrew Bone (Sandeford), Hattie Ladbury (female client), Ben Abell (indignant man), Vijay Doshi (Gavin, MI5 agent)
        5. Arwel 2nd unit
        6. Happy families card game
        7. Serbian connection
        8. Loose threads:
        9. Relevant Ruther storifies: parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
        10. Episode 1 recap by thesetison
    7. Episode 4.2: The Lying Detective
      1. Dying Detective
      2. Copper Beeches
      3. Thor Bridge (Mrs. Gibson the victim as LIR?)
      4. Devil’s Foot (nurse Cornish)
      1. Cardiff U Student Union building – Gedgrave Hospital, modern nurse, children’s ward
      2. Miskin – LIR 70s house, car chase scene
      3. Morocco – Mary
      4. Mount Stuart Square – IV drip SAs, Sherlock blending indoor/outdoor MP and confrontation with Smith
      5. Charles Street – faerie lights, night scene, freestanding window
      6. Porthcawl – outdoor rocky area by water. Rachel there, 4.1 pickup? Amanda, Ben
      7. Cardiff Civic Centre – Mycroft, CCTV?
      8. NGS –
      9. Stephenson Way, near NGS- Mary, Audi from Miles Street Tunnel
      10. Gordon Square/Byng Street – Sherlock and LIR at bus stop, discussing letter (sniffing), possible gun shots; Molly there in Watson House/babysitting outfit
      11. Hungerford Bridge/Jubilee Gardens –
      12. Riverside House – IV drip SAs and 70s nurses, Smith
      13. Kennington – John, bus scenes, maxi skirt SA, suitcase, bins some paper
      1. Canada recce/teasing
      2. 70s theme – nurses, Miskin house
      3. Cars – red Aston Martin, limo, ambulance, police
      4. Chat show host
      5. Explosion at 221B
      1. Written by Steven Moffat, directed by Nick Hurran (HLV)
      2. ACD canon/references:
      3. Locations:
        1. Mrs. Hudson throws keys to John
        2. Sherlock and LIR walk in rain
        1. Sherlock and LIR, Sherlock doubles over and cries out
        2. Sherlock crumples up letter and throws gun (from LIR’s purse) into water, green scene
        3. eating on bench, talking
      4. SAs: Toby Jones (Culverton Smith), Sian Brooke (LIR), Katy Wix (nurse Cornish), Tom Brooke (Wiggins), Aleksandar Mikic (Interrogation Guard), various children, cream suit man (Toby Jones double?), Sharon Cherry Ballard (police woman), Asheq Akhtar (Saheed), Usman Akram (MI5 agent), Lee Kemp (MI6 agent), unknown child actor (6 year old Sherlock), David Kirkbride (policeman at Miskin), Gina Bramhill (??), Lee Knight (reporter), Eileen Dunwoody (woman), Helen Coathup-Collier (crying broadcaster)
      5. Loose threads:
      6. Relevant Ruther storifies: parts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (Gordon Square), 13 (Hungerford Bridge/Jubilee Gardens night shoot), 14 (Riverside House), 15 (Kennington, Riverside House)
      7. Episode 2 recap by thesetison
    8. Episode 4.3: title unannounced, code word “Sherrinford”
      1. Three Garridebs??
      1. Southerndown
      2. Cardiff Bay, Tunnara II boat – John and Sherlock with fishermen
      3. Studio
      4. Ty Gwyn mansion in Lisvane, Cardiff
      5. Lower Machen farm, private location. Mark’s ADR photo.
      6. Tredegar House
      7. Rathbone Place
      1. Cowritten by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, directed by Benjamin Caron.
      2. Rathbone film influences, violin playing
      3. ACD canon references
      4. Locations:
        1. Ogmore cottage – Sherlock, John, Molly. Safehouse?
        2. Ogmore Castle – Sherlock, John
        3. Southerndown beach –
          1. Moriarty gets off helicopter, Molly(?)
          2. John on beach
          3. Fight scene
          4. John and elderly fisherman, hands up
        1. Cave (Swansea Bay Studios)
        2. Plane scene? (Honor Kneafsey)
      5. SAs: Timothy Carlton (Mr. Holmes), Ralph Ineson (Vince), Richard Crehan (Ben), various Moriarty goons, Tam Mutu (Leonard), Matt Young (police officer), Honor Kneafsey (girl on plane), Clare Foster (Velma), unknown young girl (young Mary?), Brett Allen (guard)
      6. Loose threads: Molly and Sherlock big scene, “insane wish fulfillment” per Moffat, promo photo (turned into a band meme)
      7. Relevant Ruther storifies: parts 16, 17 (Southerndown/Ogmore), 18 (boat/Ty Gwyn), 19 (Lower Machen, casting), 20 (casting wrap-up)
      8. Episode 3 recap by thesetison
    9. Looking ahead
      1. Probable announcement of broadcast schedule
      2. Post-production schedule right now: ADR [1][2], music [1][2][3]
      3. Rumors that series 4 is last one, “end of an era”
      4. Principal cast’s commitments to other projects
    10. Misc speculation
      1. Character death(s)
        1. Mycroft, Lestrade, Mary, Hudders, Holmes parent, baby Watson, Molly
        2. Mary’s golden wrap (debunked)
      2. Mary, Mary, Mary
        1. Mary is Moriarty / Mary is Moran
        2. Mary works for Mycroft
        3. Mary and David (popular fan theory about the baby and him mirroring John)
        4. Mary and Molly (amount of time they seem to film together)
      3. Sherrinford
        1. Brother/twin theory, “the other one”
      4. SDCC trailer: Who’s in the bed? What episode is it from? Any other big questions from the trailer?
      5. Sharks vs. dogs, water theme
      6. Unpublished stories collected by jenna221b
      7. Benedict interview British GQ article

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