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On episode 10 my guest is Lynge Randen Børding @lynge_carvings.
Lynge is from Denmark and started carving spoons after getting a hook knife for Christmas when he was 16. A couple of years later, he is still carving beautiful spoons and sharing some of his work on instagram.
During our conversations I could relate a lot to Lynge talking about experimenting with shapes and decoration, continuously learning and improving. Also, we are both influenced and inspired by other spoon carvers such as Dan Lawrence ( and Grant Withington (@twisted_acorn_woodcarver).
On his instagram @lynge_carvings you can check out his work, artfully photographed by Lynge's brother Eiliv @eilivsmurf.
Hosted by Simon Pouly @rootsspoons
Editing and Producing: Julia Pouly
Music: Pixabay

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