Achint Gupta: Kolkata Knight Riders, IPL and content strategy


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Putting IPL and Indian cricket in a global context

The early years of IPL and how heroes like Tendulkar and Ganguly became ‘the opponent’

How cricket start competing with entertainment such as soap opera

How the Knight Riders have developed their fans’ story - the power of brand

The early years without success and the subsequent change in CEO and captain

Changing from a white-collar to blue-collar in club ethos

The success of the first club anthem and “I am KKR”

The adventurer who is part of the team and at the forefront of their content

The Living with KKR documentary

The importance of embedding the content team with the playing team. Taking away gatekeepers

Handling individuals so they create great content but not give away secrets

The use of music and Bollywood spectaculars

Social media - why are their Facebook figures far above other IPL sides

The fans’ think tank helping the real think tank

The 12-year-old who told KKR to choose five players… and they signed four of them

The development of fan culture in IPL

The internationalisation strategy for KKR

The multi-language content and consideration of overseas fans

The content collaborations with overseas teams looking to penetrate the Indian market

Moving the IPL to the UAE this year and how it affects content

The upcoming KKR movie and the footage rules

Moving into the fiction space

Connecting the Knight Riders around the world

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