Mario Leo: Sportsbiz, digital, the need of New Year resolution


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Trends of 2020 - "clubs have 'thought beyond the norm' and I don't think it will go back"

The 'two extremes' from Covid - the need for fans to support them v the need for money from sponsors

What activities created by the Covid crisis will persist after the virus is beaten

Getting by giving - the authenticity of the Marcus Rashford story

The way clubs talk to their fans - the problem of 'closing the reality gap'

The psychological move of sports social media after Covid-19 hit

The movement of the social media platforms over the last year - why Mario got it wrong on Instagram and TikTok is "an ocean of content"

Facebook's problems, its legal issues and the effects on sports clubs

The political dimension to curbing the social media platforms

The problem with fake social media advertising metrics. The lack of transparancy

The one country trying to license valid social media metrics

How Mario has investigated the problem

The problem of the Nielsen approach and CPM as an estimate

Why a European Super League will happen and World Cups will be staged every two years

The importance of CSR and being fancentric

The risk of clubs going all-out for promotion

The assumption that fans will come back automatically

Rich Luker's '2% solution'

Marketers letting go of big numbers of engagement and concentrating on real numbers

Mario's tips for running club accounts in 2021

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