Spotlight with Brad Turner: VP of Global Literacy at Benetech


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In this Spotlight Interview, James Oates sits down with Brad Turner, the vice president of global literacy at Benetech. They discuss: Benetech Brad tells us about the organization and its mission. Bookshare Brad tells us about how the organization has grown into such a successful digital platform that makes more than a half a million books available for blind and visually impaired individuals. Born Accessible Brad talks about Benetech’s mission to ensure that as more and more print material is born in a digital format, it also needs to be born in an accessible format. The Marrakesh Treaty Brad updates us on the current status of the Marrakesh Treaty in the US Senate. He also discusses the global benefit of this treaty. Spotlight Gateway Brad finally talks about Benetech’s efforts to help with Spotlight Gateway, which is a project designed to help those who have a visually impairment gain access to the power of reading through a combination of the Spotlight Text app, a Bookshare membership, and an iPad. Students who are eligible can receive all of these for free through the Spotlight Gateway program

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