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Scott Stein is the author of Leadership Hacks – Clever Shortcuts to Boost Your Impact and Results.

Scott is a certified speaking professional, mentor, CEO and Director who works with leaders to help them implement fast track strategies to improve results. He has worked with thousands of leaders from CEOs and front-line managers to small business owners to identify ways to make a difference to the people they manage and the tasks they undertake.

Scott also mentors senior leaders with practical strategies that allow them to get more results from themselves and their people and work with senior leadership teams using a process called Compression Planning. This allows them to collectively identify the strategic framework to move toward their goals in less time.

Scott has worked with many of the world's best known brands and government agencies including City of Sydney, Mazda, Carlton & United Breweries, American Express and Mercedes-Benz.

Episode highlights include:

  • Why Scott decide to write this book
  • The challenges of distractions, both from an internal and external perspective.
  • Delegation, the critical aspect of leadership. Scott shares his model for being an effective delegator.
  • Core 30 and Fence 50, how they help you consider how to get your message across.


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