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Toby Hall returns to The Synergen Leadership Podcast to share his thoughts and views on his leadership passion: Purpose.

Toby is Group CEO of St Vincent’s Health Australia, the nation’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care provider. They operate six public hospitals, nine private hospitals and 17 aged care facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

St Vincent’s Health Australia employs over 20,000 staff and has revenue in excess of $2B.

Prior to joining St Vincent's Health Australia, Toby was CEO of Mission Australia – Australia's largest national community welfare services organisation. Toby has an extensive background working as a senior executive in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Toby's commitment to the poor and vulnerable, both in Australia and internationally, has seen him in leadership roles at World Vision and governance roles with two regional hospitals and the health care services provider, Sterihealth.

He is a director of UNICEF Australia and holds an MBA from Southern Cross University.

Episode highlights include:

  • Toby’s definition of purpose and what he believes his purpose is
  • Why is purpose so important and how can we articulate it?
  • How our personal purpose needs to be aligned to the organisational purpose
  • How can our purpose ever be fulfilled?


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