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Ashleigh Alsadie is the founder and CEO of The PromoDonna, a Melbourne based boutique agency which provides businesses with effective marketing communications programs aimed at generating new business opportunities and the acquisition of new clients.

She is also the founder of Sales Sistas, a membership-based organisation and support network which enables women to implement effective sales and marketing strategies into their business. Sales Sistas also aims to develop the superstar sales persona to enable women to run the successful business that they’ve always dreamt of.

Ashleigh has held senior leadership roles such as General Manager and Sales Manager and has a degree in Public Relations. And, a bit of a fun fact - she has appeared in on television in shows such as Neighbours and City Homicide!

Episode highlights include:

  • The challenges associated with Ashleigh’s first leadership role
  • The importance of understanding the difference in people’s business styles and behaviours
  • The challenges of being a leader within a business that you own
  • The importance of really understanding your team


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