TeaTime Chinese 茶歇中文


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TeaTime Chinese podcast is a perfect resource for intermediate Chinese learners. Each week, we are talking about the Chinese language, Chinese culture and everything going on in China, all in a simple and comprehensible manner. If you have reached an intermediate level, yet don’t know how to move on to the advanced level, TeaTime Chinese podcast will take you there. 茶歇中文播客是一个学中文的好材料。每周,我们会用简单易懂的中文来谈论中国语言、中国文化,以及各种中国新闻。如果你已经到达了中级水平,但是不知道怎样到达高级水平,茶歇中文播客会帮助你梦想成真。和我们一起学中文吧。

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