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Well it may be episode 70, but in many ways it’s episode ONE! We have a brand new studio and a brand new co-host, Chad McBain!

Don’t worry Juggernaut fans, we still love Jake, but the fact that he’s in Orange County and the studio is in Vegas makes logistics a little difficult to have Mr. Ellenberger on a regular basis. In addition to that as you know he has his third child on the way and weekly travel back and fourth to do the show with no sponsors doesn’t make much sense! HOWEVER, don’t fret…once we get settled we’ll figure out how to work our beloved Juggernaut into the Action Junkeez equation on a semi regular basis!

In the meantime, JonO and Chad will fly the ship!

Here’s episode 70…or episode 70.1….or AJ 2.0.

Oh, one last thing….you can watch us on YouTube now too!


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