86: KRISTEN GRAHAM 3x Super League World Champ


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Kristen Graham is the 2019 SuperLeague World Champion, World Ranked Strongman Athlete, CrossFit Athlete and fitness model from New Jersey.

Her story is amazing, she didn’t get into fitness until 2011 after gaining extra weight (she weighed 180 pounds) from her pregnancy. She turned to CrossFit to “get fit” and never looked back.

We loved getting to know Kristen and her husband Chris, a former police officer turned snake breeder! That’s right…you’ll just have to tune in for the story!

At the time of this taping she was scheduled to compete in the 2019 SuperLeague in just two days. We will keep you updated on our IG.

Follow Kristen: https://www.instagram.com/kgrahamsfb/ Follow the Action Junkeez: https://www.instagram.com/actionjunkeezpodcast/

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