How Raymond Mansfield (Producer of Get Out) Changed The Way Movies Are Financed


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Veteran producer Raymond Mansfield has been integrally involved in film production, as well as production and distribution financing for nearly two decades. Raymond is a founding partner of QC Entertainment, a company that finances and produces distinct, character-based, director-driven films. A one-stop solution entertainment finance and production company, QC develops, physically produces, finances productions, handles sales and distribution, and everything in between. QC's recent released films include: Academy Award-winning, box office phenomenon "Get Out" (2017), the feature directorial debut of Jordan Peele, which was produced for $4.5m and opened as the #1 movie in America (with a 99% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and grossed over $250m worldwide. This show is sponsored by Experiment 27. Get the sales and service agreement (free client contract template) Experiment 27 uses to close business HERE. [$1,000 value] In this episode you'll learn:
  • [01:50] What's Raymond's background
  • [05:25] Raymond worked at 3 Arts Entertainment
  • [12:00] Raymond knew he wanted to be a creative producer
  • [15:00] What separates winners from losers
  • [19:05] How Raymond makes his projects investable
  • [24:20] How did Raymond develop a long term view perspective
  • [29:22] Process behind pitching projects
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