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Clayton Morris is a former FOX News Anchor who left the #1 cable news show in the world after achieving financial freedom. Through his Financial Freedom Academy, He devotes himself to helping others build passive income and achieve financial freedom like he did using methods he learned along the way. After some epic failures, he’s learned how to build a meaningful life, and shares these lessons on his top-rated podcast, Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris.

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In this episode you'll learn:

[1:06] What was it like leaving the job that Clayton always dreamed of in his childhood? [2:47] Was there anything different that Clayton did than anyone else stuck at his level? [4:45] Having a different personality on vs off-air [8:15] When is enough ‘enough’ for you? How do you nurture your portfolio? [11:42] Do you feel guilty about the lower time investment? [13:50] Where do you find your mind going? How do you find ideas? [15:54] What do you actually mean by financial freedom? [17:50] How do you deal with hate when you go off-niche? [19:48] What was driving Clayton to create content when he didn’t need to? [21:13] How do you negotiate deals? [23:11] ‘You’re never too good to sell.’

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