EP. 36 - Changing The Dysfunctional Sales and Marketing Narrative w/ Ron Carucci


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This episode I speak with Ron Carucci, managing partner at Navalent. Ron is also a contributor for Forbes and Harvard Business Review, 2x TED speaker, and author of “Rising to Power”. Ron has expertise in helping companies take a holistic approach to transformation which includes addressing their strategy, organization, and leadership.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How to know if your teams are ready for change

  • The 3 domains of transformation

  • The importance of being an enterprise leader first and a functional leader second

  • What many leadership teams are doing to encourage people not to tell the reality of what is going on in the business

Additional Resources:

Rising to Power (Ron’s book)

How to Be More Powerful Than Powerless (Ron’s TED talk)


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