Implementing "Purpose", With Purpose (w/ David Labistour)


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“Purpose” in business is a daily topic in our newsfeeds. We expect much as shoppers, but are our values and commitments to do right by society and the environment in the way of our desire for what's new in fashion, technology - and the economic means to acquire them?

While consumers continue to buy cheap and made-to-fail products, CEOs are under increasing pressure to convince these same shoppers, as well as employees, investors and other partners, that their enterprise is actively addressing important social and environmental concerns. But how do they back that up and avoid the “greenwashing” handle? How do they implement “Purpose” in a way that is fiscally responsible?

The TBOR team are joined by the perfect guest host in David Labistour. David navigated the business of purpose as the CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-op from 2008 to 2019 and today as a Board Member of one of Canada’s foremost fashion brands, Aritzia.

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