Episode 6: A Date With Destiny


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IN THIS EPISODE: The Jade Frogs recover from a nasty collective hangover--earned at Nundro's feast in their honour the night before--and swap juicy deets on their respective romantic endeavors just in time to set out from Phandelin to meet the great unicorn Albion. They ride determined to take him up on his offer to teleport them to the Citadel where, within Kura's bastion of magical knowledge, the Frogs will seek further guidance--and as fate will have it, another old friend will be the one to deliver it. However, while en route to their meeting point, the Frogs quickly realize their worst fears of Chief Buldur's retaliation have already come true. Jade Frogs, meet the lowest breed of adventurers: bounty hunters.

Featuring: Abraham Herst as DAIN; Robbie Grant as KALARK; Daniel Fishbayn as FESTE; Andrew Luba as JUNO; Ben Mayer-Goodman as GRUMSKILL; and Simon Foster as DUNGEON MASTER.

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