How +3 failures led to a $150k/month SaaS, with Bernard Huang of Clearscope


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Show Notes
  • Bernard Huang breaks down his timeline with failed projects.
  • Bernard shares his story on taking over a foreclosed Dickey’s Barbeque Pit.
  • “Least Common Denominator Syndrome”.
  • What made Bernard want to be a Founder.
  • What ultimately led to the shut down of Mosec.
  • Four reasons a technology startup would come to exist.
  • Bernard Huang chats about Silicon Valley.
  • Bernard’s thoughts on Product Market Fit.
  • Food, Gaming, SEO.
  • Advice Bernard would give to his past self.

Links & Resources
  • Clearscope - Advanced optimization platform that helps you produce relevant, high-quality content that attracts more search traffic.
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit - Family-owned American barbecue restaurant chain based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Mosec, Mobile Secretary - Mosec Mobile Secretary is an Android-only mobile app that helps users organize business meetings and communication.
  • Food By People - Buy and sell baked goods online.
  • Mushi Labs - An independent SEO consultancy where stakeholders do 100% of the work.
  • 42Floors - A commercial Real Estate Search Engine helping you search a comprehensive database of listings, allowing you to inquire directly with listings agents about available space.
  • Game Runners - A coaching service helping players stay ahead of the curve by picking up the best new strategies fastest.
  • Bernard’s Twitter

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