Bonus Episode: Mini Wall of Sound Builder Anthony Coscia


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A very special bonus episode: We're sharing a recent interview Jason and Skip Simmons from the Truth about Vintage Amps just did with Anthony Coscia. Coscia just completed one of the wildest passion projects ever: a working, 1/6 scale model of the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, the audiophile-grade PA system the band employed during their concerts in 1974.

(If you already subscribe to the TAVA Podcast, no need to download this episode.) Coscia, a Deadhead who makes speaker cabinets and guitars as Coscia Guitars (Facebook link) ended up spending over 200 hours building cabinets, individually soldering and installing 390 tiny speakers (some meant just for cell phones), and even creating a lighting rig for this miniature state setup. He posted the updates to followers on his "Petite Mur De Son - Mini Wall of Sound" Facebook page (link). Upon completion, Coscia donated it to non-profit HeadCount, where someone contributed $100,000 to be the next Mini Wall's owner. With momentum and a recent Wall Street Journal front page article (link) celebrating his accomplishment under his belt, Coscia is already plotting his next, even bigger Wall. It's the real life tale of one of best pandemic projects we've heard of.

Apropos of nothing, Skip and Jason also go over the Geloso G-18R discussed on Ep. 67 of TAVA.

We hope you enjoy this joint Truth About Vintage Amps / Fretboard Journal Podcast bonus episode.

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