002 Instagram's Apology For Manboobs: From Prank To Profit With James Shamsi


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James Shamsi, Founder of Chameleon.LA, arrived in Los Angeles for a job that he would quit before ever completing a full week of work. The allure of the city was one based on creativity and he could quickly see this position wasn't going to afford him much. James had to get creative about building a network in one of the world's largest hotbeds for tech and entertainment so he started looking at the process in a different perspective.

Tune in to hear how he fostered conversation for social change by trolling Instagram only to have the news story be submitted to Reddit's /r/TwoXChromosomes community. James also shares details of other viral successes like how he created a service for photoshopping puppies into people's Tinder profiles or that time he pretended to be a hot girl on LinkedIn.

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