A Wild Wilderness Challenge Accepted


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In this episode of GoGreenfields, River and Terran are super surprised to receive a wild mystery box. Contained within is one of the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced. The two venture off into the wilderness armed with only basic survival gear and the promise that they will happen upon guides along the way as they explore what bushcraft really means.

There are many skills that were further developed during this adventure. River and Terran learned more about navigating with the use of a compass in the wild. They were challenged to assist in the care of serious wounds while in the bush. The co-hosts experienced what it would take to find and secure their own food source, and were taught how to prepare the meat in multiple ways for preservation purposes.

Bonus Footage

In the bonus footage, River and Terran walk through the process of making pemmican jerky from wild game. They used a fresh sheep that the boys learned how to properly honor, field dress, butcher and prepare themselves! Wild game like this makes for excellent jerky or pemmican if you use the right spices and preparation techniques. Pemmican is a great choice for wilderness adventures because dried protein and rendered fats are highly stable, so the food source is handy to carry in a backpack and will keep for a very long time.

If you have special bush skills (and the permission of a parent/guardian), share them and be sure to tag us in your social media posts:

Bonus Footage: Wild Pemmican Pemmican Ingredients Directions
  1. Prior to dehydrating the wild blueberries and sheep meat, create a “rub” of Organifi Red Juice Powder*, sea salt, paprika, and black pepper. and let it soak into the meat for 12 hours.
  2. Dehydrate the spiced meat and wild blueberries at 155F for 15 hours in a food dehydrator.
  3. Pulverize the jerky in the food processor or blender until it becomes powder.
  4. Render half a pound of fat in a cast iron pan by cooking it slowly over super-low heat until the fat stops bubbling. (River and Terran melted down Bel Campo beef suet to use as their fatty liquid).
  5. Slowly add fat to the powder meat and berries. Pour just enough so that the fat soaks into the powder.
  6. Once it firms, cut it into bars, form into bricks, or roll it into balls.

*this stuff caramelizes particularly well for making jerky or pemmican, or any meat dish, for that matter.

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